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Can I get a Pro trial for Free?

If you are interested in trying out Windscribe, good news, it's Free! At least partially. 

Windscribe is a Freemium service so we offer a free tier and a paid tier. The only differences between these tiers is the amount of servers you have access to and how much bandwidth you can use monthly. And a few features are paid only but the bread and butter of our service, the VPN itself is completely free to use.

If you do choose to pay us, you can pay as little as $3 to access some paid servers and unlimited monthly bandwidth. The Pro plan will get you access to all the locations and unlimited bandwidth. 

While we can offer a Pro trial on an individual basis, we recommend that you please try the Free plan first as it will give you a good idea about what our VPN can do. If you want to specifically test something out which is only available on a paid plan such as a specific location, contact the support team and we'll see if a trial is possible for you: https://windscribe.com/support/ticket

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