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Can I set up Windscribe on my AppleTV?

Unfortunately, AppleTV devices do not have VPN support. Therefore, the best way to run Windscribe on such a device is through your router. This is only possible if your router supports an OpenVPN and or Wireguard VPN client. Officially, we support the following router firmware types and or models:

  • Tomato
  • Select ASUS routers models

You can access the OpenVPN and Wireguard config files and their respective credentials from the links below:

Keep in mind that the custom configs are only available for users on paid plans. 

In addition, you can access guides on how to run Windscribe on your router via links below:

You can also try our Control D DNS solution instead. Because Apple TV devices don't support a VPN, a DNS solution might work better. DNS can be configured with minimal hassle on just about any device that connects to the internet. The founders and developers behind Windscribe have built an entire new service for such use cases that allow you to configure a DNS as a proxy on all your devices so that you can get essentially the same functionality without actually needing to configure a VPN. You can read more about it here: https://controld.com

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